10 Reasons Why You Need to Travel Solo at Least Once 

Is traveling by yourself even worth it? I tell why YOU need to travel solo at least once!

10 Tricks and Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

How did I get a ticket to Scotland for $69.99? What are some tips to save major money on flights? I share my little secrets with you in this post!

How to Save Money When Booking Hostels and Hotels

What are some ways to save money when booking hostels and hotels? In this post I let you know how I do it!

What Should You Pack for Your First Backpacking Trip?

Planning a big trip soon? Avoid overpacking but make sure you have everything you need! Here's what I recommend packing in your carry-on.

How to Save Money While Flying

Saving money goes beyond getting a cheap ticket! Here are some ways to save even more while flying!

Couchsurfing: What is it? Is it safe? 

When I tell friends, families or even strangers that I traveled and always travel using CouchSurfing, they are usually confused and think I'm crazy! But what's the deal with CouchSurfing? How does it work? Is it safe?

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